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Santiago Board talks roads, Annual Meeting

Several road-related discussions, as well as preparations for next month’s Annual Meeting and election dominated last Wednesday’s meeting of the Santiago Township Board.

Sgt. Kevin Grams of the SCSO reported on last month’s 64 calls for service, which was just six less than last year’s total for the same period.

Both the supervisors and some citizens at the meeting had a litany of road issues to report to Grams, including numerous incidents of the public abusing and tearing up township gravel.

Resident Richard Harshman noted one home that is using the ditch instead of the driveway to access a county road, while Township Contractor John Herbst reported several roads that were tore up as soon as he finished grading the surface.

The Refuge Road continues to take abuse, as does 41st St.

Some homeowners are resorting to placing cameras near the roadways to capture pictures of the perpetrators, including one resident on a minimum maintenance road who reportedly would be turning in the evidence to the Sheriff’s Office.

Many of those at the meeting, board members and citizens alike, called for criminal damage to property or similar charges to be filed against the violators in an effort to recoup the tax dollars being spent to fix the damage.  

Road Supervisor Dave Jehoich reviewed his recommendations for the 2024 road projects, including the tarring of 67th Street (the eastern portion, costs which would be split with Becker Twp.), and approximately five miles of micro-sealing the existing asphalt.  Herbst agreed to work on getting updated bids, as prices were expected to increase by 10% since last year.

Jehoich’s recommendations will be presented at March’s Annual Meeting, allowing all citizens to have input into the expenditures.  The micro-sealing treatment comes with a 10 year guarantee, likely saving the township money over the long run since it won’t need to crack fill and seal the roads every two to three years.

Firefighter Matt Weber spoke about several AED batteries that need to be replaced as they are nearing the end of their five year life-cycle, and he also reported on a furnace issue that was repaired at the Town Hall.

Clerk Kathy Woolard reminded everyone of a few upcoming dates, including the March 12 Annual Meeting and election (polls are open 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. with the Annual Meeting starting after the polls close).  Woolard is running unopposed for re-election as Clerk, while Board Chair Jeff Pappenfus is running for re-election against Roseann Wiltsey.

The next regular meeting of the Board of Supervisors will be on March 13 at 7 p.m.