Friday, February 23rd, 2024 Church Directory
The Lindwall family took time to offer their services to beautify the outside of Ember Coffee. (Submitted photo.)
New mulch was spread (Submitted photo.)
New vining plants were planted. (Submitted photo.)

Rockstar family spotted spring cleaning in Big Lake

Last week, the Lindwall family was seen cleaning up the outside of the Ember Coffee Building. Danielle Lindwall, mom of the family, says she and her husband and kids are always trying to look out for opportunities to help out their community, and a “spring cleaning” at Ember was the latest way they found a way to help out. 

“We are inspired to give of our time and help beautify things around us as God has done through others for us in our life,” Danielle said, noting their family has been fortunate enough to receive love and support from their neighbors during times of need. 

The family raked out the old mulch and replaced it, and even planted some new vining plants for the trellises.

This is not the first time this rock star family has gone out into the community to do good. Danielle says that the Lindwalls have also helped by raking leaves and helping neighbors. The family is trying to keep an eye out this summer for neighbors and community areas in need and find a way to lend a hand at least once a month this summer, if not more.