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BEFC volunteers participated in a Rock-A-Thon to raise money to help pay for a mission trip to Mexico next month. (Submitted Photo)
The kids from BEFC rocked in their chairs, took dips in the pool, held a Bible study and played board games during their 24-hour pledge. (Submitted Photo)

Rock-A-Thon raises funds for mission trip

(Editor’s Note: The following article was submitted by Rachel Pink).

The Becker Evangelical Free Church youth held a “Rock-A-Thon” fundraiser June 9 to help pay for a future mission trip next month.

The Rock-a-thon was held last Wednesday from noon until midnight (with breaks) where volunteers rocked in rocking chairs to raise money by collecting pledges for an upcoming mission trip from July 8-16.

The kids also held a bible study, played games, rocked, took dips in the pool, bonded and got to know each other better.

All money raised is going to the Enesenada, Mexico trip for the missionaries to help pay for the building of two houses, flights and food for the team, orphanage help, and other mission opportunities including a new roof for a local orphanage

Those that participated June 9 were: Anna Briggs, Ayla Brown, Megan Gamble, Liberty Lasher, Alayna Lindquist, Riley Norberg, Lucy Pink, Journey Sieg, Jazlyn Toedter, Maren  Westin, Joseph Drury, Nabil Fisher, Tygen Salvevold, Jackson Sieg, Pat Briggs, Sam Jundt, Mike Sieg, Julie Toedter and Chris Salvevold.

The rest of the team includes: Dawn Bengtson, Alli Knute, Jacquie Lambert, Dani Nuest, Owen Babler, Mason Becker, Ryan Bengtson, Zach Bengtson, Ian O’Neill, Eli Scheideman, Joey Sieg, Sam Steiskal, Trenton Woolhouse and Cooper Wright.