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Repairs on agenda at Santiago

The Santiago Township Board met last Wednesday, with several maintenance items highlighting the agenda.

The Town Hall is home to Becker Fire Department’s Station 2 and has a 10,000 gallon storage tank to help fill the trucks at a fast pace. However, the pump to transfer water from the tank to the trucks failed and needed to be repaired.  Between rebuilding the motor and repairing part of the well pipe, the total bill came in at over $10,000. Not included in the invoice was additional work to the roof of the building to add an access panel should the well pipe ever need to be pulled up again. Since the building is due for a new roof after last year’s storm damage, the supervisors instructed building maintenance coordinator Matt Weber to have the access panel installed.

Chairman Jeff Pappenfus reported that he had reached out to David, the owner at the Santiago Garage, to gauge his interest in performing needed maintenance on the back-up generator at the Town Hall. It was the consensus of the board to do yearly maintenance on the generator to ensure that it is in working condition should it ever be needed. Pappenfus will coordinate the work once David has a chance to review the situation.

Supervisor Dave Jehoich presented his monthly road report, which included several stolen signs, damage to pavement due to an illegal recreational fire on the 15th St. bridge and continued damage from ATVs digging up gravel roads.  

Jehoich and Twp. Contractor John Herbst noted that the patch job on the cemetery road is finished, a tree was removed from 155th, and fall ditch mowing will soon commence.

SCSO Sgt. Andy Ochs presented the calls for August, which included 74 total contacts, including 25 traffic stops and 16 extra security patrols.

The next meeting of the board will be on October 11.