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CORRIE SILVERBERG will be resigning from the Orrock Twp. board after serving for eight years. (Photo by Katherine Cantin.)

Orrock’s Silverberg resigns from board

In last week’s Orrock town board meeting, board member Corrie Silverberg announced he will be resigning his position in December. 

Silverberg has served on the board for eight years, and recently won reelection. However, he and his wife have decided to purchase a house in a different area. So he will resign as soon as they close on the new home purchase.

Board members and staff all voiced their disappointment to see the long-time member go. They even joked about refusing his letter of resignation. 

“What you’ve done for the township has been truly welcome,” said clerk Brenda Kimberly-Maas.

The board will decide how to fill the vacant position in January. The board will either appoint a new member or decide to hold a special election. 

Trimming services

North Metro Tree service, which was contracted to provide trimming services for Orrock Twp., has backed out of the agreement with the township, as the company’s owner is struggling with medical issues at the moment. The next lowest bid for the services came from local Darryl Waletzko. The board moved to engage Waletzko for his trimming services.

Plowing Services

Orrock Twp. will be providing snow plowing services for the Shores of Eagle Lake Development this winter. JP Brooks, the developer, is still responsible for maintaining the roads, overall, and the township has reached an agreement where the developer will bring the roads in the development up to township standards in exchange for the plowing services provided. This agreement will be in place for one year only.

Update to Town Hall Security

Town hall will have its new security system in place by the end of November. Board members and staff will have access to town hall using passcodes, and will even have an app on their phones tied to the security system.


After much research and discussion about the topic, the township has implemented a new policy regarding the use of culverts. Developers in Orrock will be required to install culverts on all driveways, unless they can prove that there will be proper drainage without a culvert. The developer, and, later, the homeowner, will be responsible for maintaining the culverts.

CARES Funding

The deadline for using CARES Funding has now passed for townships. Orrock was able to find a purpose for all the money, and the account is set to be zeroed out by the end of the year.