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Shamba Schmidt and her rescue horse, Samson (Appaloosa). (Submitted Photo).
Samson in his emaciated form, before being rescued, loved and care for by Big Lake resident Shamba Schmidt. (Submitted Photo).
Shamba’s son Charlie (Charge) Schmidt atop the very special horse. (Submitted Photo).

Orrock Twp. gal and former Appaloosa show horse form special bond

Shamba Schmidt loves horses. She rescued an Appaloosa former show horse a few years ago and brought his frail frame home to her ranch (Pearl Snap Ranch) in Orrock Twp. 

It seems in his earlier years, as Samson had grown older, he won less contests and because he was a harder keeper, Samson’s owner got rid of him at an auction. Someone bought him and he continued to deteriorate. Shamba picked him up in a trailer in southern Minnesota. 

Shamba is a horse lover and had one mission: to feed the neglected horse and get him warm. She felt compelled to call him Samson and it was Shamba’s prayer that God would bless this special horse she rescued with super human strength. Everyone who saw the poor emaciated old horse asked Schmidt why she didn’t just put him down. She told every single one of them: “ This isn’t my story - it’s Samson’s. And no matter what happens - he will have a full belly and will be warm.”

Samson was a former World Championship horse in his hey day. Even though Samson did not hold any recent titles, Shamba loved him just the same, perhaps even more. Samson was a stellar horse the Schmidt family grew very fond of the past few years.

Shamba shared these words about the horse she and her family have grown to love dearly: 

“Every day for the past three years, Samson fought to be here. He worked hard and did everything asked of him.  How does one argue with the will of another living being? The answer is simple -  you don’t!”

Earlier this week, Samson’s will was gone. Shamba noticed that his poor sweet eyes nearly told her he was sorry. Samson had a wild ride in his final few years at his home north of Big Lake. He will surely be missed, yet Shamba and her family take comfort knowing Samson runs free and happy in green pastures now.Shamba and her family did their best to give Samson dignity in his final years.  

Shamba says Samson was a good reminder to spread love. 

As Mother Theresa said: “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”