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Kaidin Hartse presents an AED to Brandon Stein, owner of Evolution Tae Kwon Do. (Patriot Photo by Don Bellach)

One life saved and counting

The Center for Resuscitation Medicine at the University of Minnesota knows that Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) save lives and through the Hearts on Duty program, the Center is fulfilling the need to have AEDs present in many communities while also recognizing and celebrating law enforcement officers who have saved a life using an AED.  

On Tues., May 4, Evolution Tae Kwon Do received one of those AEDs.   Kaidin Hartse and his father, Glenn, were on hand to present the AED to Brandon Stein, owner of Evolution.  Also on hand were Kim Harkins, MPH, Program Director for the Center for Resuscitation Medicine at the U of M, Big Lake Police Chief John Kaczmarek, and BLP Captain Sam Olson.

One life saved

The donation of the AED began when Harkins noticed an incident in one of the reports she receives from law enforcement about resuscitations. A young patient was resuscitated quickly through the use of an AED.  She began to look into the incident to see if it would be a good fit for the Hearts on Duty program.  Harkins found an account of the incident in an article appearing in the July 27, 2023 edition of the Patriot. 

In an article titled “BL City Council recognizes lifesaving civilians, officers”, Katherine Cantin wrote, “On May, 8, a 13 year old student, Kaidin Hartse, was playing soccer on school grounds when he collapsed on the field.  Bystanders immediately started CPR on the student and called 911.  Big Lake Police Officers were the first to arrive on the scene, and they relieved the bystanders, continuing CPR until paramedics arrived on scene.  Kaidin was still completely unresponsive and paramedics administered a shock to his heart to start it pumping again.”

Harkins then decided to nominate BLPD for the Hearts on Duty Program.


AEDs analyze a person’s heart rhythms and deliver an electric shock to restore a normal heartbeat.  AEDs can significantly increase the survival rates of people who experience cardiac arrest by reducing pauses in CPR and improving blood circulation. 

Stein had been considering purchasing an AED for his business, but before he could do that, the BLPD put out a notice on social media that one was available for a local Big Lake business.  They asked people to nominate a deserving business and people responded.  Those nominations were put into a hat and a winner was randomly picked.   

Evolution Tae Kwon Do was the winner.  

Stein was happy to receive the AED, not because he hopes to use it someday, rather, because he recognizes that “It could happen to anyone.”  

If it does happen at Evolution Tae Kwon Do, they’ll be ready.