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OPEN HOUSE. Several individuals from Nystrom and local government toured the new Nystrom facility on Station St. on Tuesday. Pictured from left to right is Dan Weber, Assistant Sherburne County Administrator; Gina Wolbeck, Big Lake City Clerk; Annette Pearson, Nystrom Program Manager; Rachel Adams, Nystrom; and Gina Christianson, Nystrom. (Photo by Katherine Cantin.)
THE NEW NYSTROM & ASSOCIATES FACILITY is ready to accept patients wishing to recover from addiction. Left is a lounge area for residents, and right is one of the rooms available. (Photos by Katherine Cantin.)
One of the rooms available in the Nystrom facility. (Photos by Katherine Cantin.)
BIG LAKE OFFICERS SUPPORT REHABILITATION. A trio of representatives from the Big Lake Police Dept. attended the Nystrom open house, including Officers Chris Hoard and Sam Norlin. To the right stands Roy Neumann, mental health co-responder for four different cities. Neumann rides along with officers and is available to respond in the case of mental health emergencies. (Photo by Katherine Cantin.)

Nystrom & Associates Opens New Facility

The new Nystrom Associates Facility on Station St. in Big Lake held their open house Tuesday, giving tours to many individuals of the community.

The facility is a voluntary rehabilitation facility, where recovering addicts can stay to get the support they need as they recover. Staff provides group sessions and classes for those residing at the facility.

At full capacity, the facility can help 54 individuals in recovery, 27 men and 27 women. 

The facility offers lounge areas, clinical offices with urinalysis and a nurse who can distribute medication, an industrial kitchen and cafeteria, and an exercise room and full sized basketball court. 

Annette Pearson, Program Manager, said they wanted to offer lots of sober activities to the residents, to promote healthy alternatives to using.

Pearson was very excited to see the project finally come together. 

“I’ve worked in the field for 23 years,” she said. “But this is the first time I’ve helped to create a facility.”

Pearson pointed out some excellent features that she thought were important to the comfort of residents, such as plenty of storage space, personal bathrooms, and being fully ADA accessible, for those with physical disabilities.

More information about the facility is available at or 651-529-8479.