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WILLYS ON THE WATER is in full construction mode as of this week with siding around the sides of the building being erected as well as a large deck and building expansion (inset photo on left). The owners also installed a large docking section that will allow boats and watercraft to moor right outside the backside of the restaurant. Owners hope to have Willys on the Water open by the end of the month. (Patriot Photos by Bill Morgan).
New deck and addition.
Docks to the back of the building.
BAR 10 on Hwy. 10 has a sign inside their doors and along the roadside (inset photo right)saying they plan to open Labor Day weekend. The former “Monty’s Tropical Hideout” will continue to utilize the outdoor patio space (left photo). (Patriot Photos by Bill Morgan).
Backyard patio space.
Sign on Hwy. 10.

New restaurants opening soon?

People have been chomping at the bit, waiting for two new restaurants to open in Big Lake.

Willy’s On The Water

In December of 2021, Long time Big Lake iconic restaurant Russell’s on the Lake closed its doors for good. The property was purchased by persons who originally wished to convert the restaurant into a Willy McCoy’s. However, rumor has it the two owner halves of Willy McCoys could not come to an agreement on defining the restaurant in a specific way so Willy’s on the Water was born.

Rumor also has it the slow process of converting the Russell’s building to the vision of the new owner has been met with permitting and allowance issues — not the construction crew’s lacksadaisical efforts. Originally, the new restaurant was slated to have a late spring, early summer opening but as of this week, the date is slated for later in September — maybe?

From the viewpoint of passersby, it appears the inside of the building has pretty much been gutted and is being transformed throughout. The exterior of the building has seen the iconic turret torn down and traditional white siding being installed along with keeping parts of the brick facade.

In the back, a huge deck has been constructed as well as an extension of the building towards the lake. Down at the shore, a huge dock configuration has been assembled to allow for the parking of boats and other modes of water transportation for people wanting to access the bar/restaurant by water.

Willy’s on the Water is located at 111 Jefferson Blvd. in Big Lake. 

Bar 10

Bar 10 on Hwy. 10 and Co. Rd. 11 in Big Lake has been teasing customers with their opening date and have kept quite tight-lipped as far as what flavors of food they plan to serve.

Bar 10 owners have been posting to their letter board along the railroad tracks that the restaurant was “coming soon”. A month ago, they mentioned they were having a “soft” opening where they were going to feature a band on their premises and serve some of their edibles and cordials. As of recently, the sign reads, “Grand opening Labor Day weekend” and Eventbrite listed Bar 10 being open Sept. 3 for an event called, “Don’t Stop the Music Saturday Night Dance Party.”

Did it happen? Nobody knows for sure.

Ather Jameel is listed as the owner of the restaurant by the Minnesota Secretary Of State. Bar 10 has taken over occupancy of the old Monty’s Tropical Hideout location.

According to Bar 10’s website, BAR 10 is inspired by American cuisine and authentic flavors. We’ve become a sensation through our creative bartenders and amazing staff providing incredible service. Our mission is to maintain our commitment to quality food, authentic beers, and fine products and to focus on hospitality with exceptional service. Our deep desire is to help people spend quality time with each other and become the center of our communities. We are best known for our love for food and beer, commitments to our clients, and our working attitude.

They host weddings, work events, parties and they also cater.

Bar 10 is located at 16496 149th Street SE in Big Lake. Their phone number is 763-210-7786.