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Lynden Twp. buys additional land for township use

During their December meeting, the Lynden Twp. Board of Supervisors approved Resolution 2022-05, A Resolution Approving Preliminary and Final Plats, for the purchase of land for township use. 

The 6.94 acre parcel is being purchased from the City of St. Cloud for $66,500 using funds from ARPA. Resolution 2022-04, which approved the property purchase, was passed during the township’s November meeting.  

The purchase is consistent with the advice of Twp. Attorney Robert Ruppe, who further negotiated costs including the survey, platting fees, title work, and water. Approval for the township chair and clerk to sign the Vacant Land Purchase Agreement outside of a regularly scheduled meeting, if necessary, was granted.

In a special meeting held later in the month, supervisors reviewed the preliminary plat review approval letter from Jennifer Buckentine of SCES (Stearns Co. Environmental Services), which contained a reference to feedlot restrictions. Contrary to what was previously communicated from her, the letter states “…feedback setbacks are not required for a government building.” The township was also informed in an email that SCES wouldn’t be applying a 1,000-foot setback from a feedlot to a township hall.

In accordance with the plat review checklist, a motion carried authorizing Supervisor Dennis Niemi to pursue water and septic system vendors for the site for plans and compliance; work with Ruppe to prepare a subdivision agreement; and work with architects in regard to building design and estimate.

Other Business

During a previous meeting, Twp. Chair Dave Johnson was approved to pursue sirens and dry hydrants, two projects identified in the township’s Hazard Mitigation Plan. The Annandale and Clearwater Fire Depts have been contacted to obtain their support for the dry hydrant at Long Lake, or whatever other location deemed appropriate. Johnson has contacted the DNR in respect to obtaining approval for a de-watering permit for Long Lake.

JK Landscape’s three parcels have been consolidated and given a new assigned PID. Jerry Konz submitted a petition to vacate an easement, which the township rejected as it doesn’t have eight valid signatures of township electors. Building Inspector Nancy Scott received an updated certificate of survey and water/erosion analysis/plan, which she recommended the township’s engineer review for land disturbance and MPCA implications. 

A Certificate of Compliance was approved for an administrative subdivision requested by Ben Anderson, Stearns Co. Parks Dept, and Douglas Bischoff. The certificate certifies the parcel split and subdivision resulting from the proposed conveyance complies with the township’s Subdivision Ord. 8 and Zoning Ord. 7 regarding such a split or subdivision.

Katheryn Lange approached the board to provide an update on her Co. Rd. 44 property. She informed the board she won’t be moving anything onto the parcel and is working with SCES to obtain the administrative split to remove the building restriction on the property. 

An amended administrative notice will be sent to the Elderberry property owner after a site visit revealed the required removal/restoration hasn’t been completed. Niemi spoke to the owner and explained the 66 foot ROW, granting a new compliance deadline for the end of the month. 

Beginning in January, Republic will be moving the township’s recycling pickup day from Friday to Thursday to reduce the company’s carbon footprint and allow for a Friday recovery day in the event of any issues earlier in the week.

The township held their January meeting on January 9, which will be covered in a future edition of the Patriot. The next Lynden Twp. meeting will be February 6 at 7 p.m.