Saturday, April 13th, 2024 Church Directory
Jim and Muriel Aleckson enjoyed their meal and visiting with friends.
Linda Keeler and Elaine Hanson sold tickets for hungry residents attending the meal. (Submitted photos.)
Church Basement Ladies and Gentleman. Katie Hanson, Roxanne Kothman, Mary Eggan, Wanette Neski, Ben Lacina, Joe Lacina, Owen Oswald and Darbi Oswald.
Joe and Ben Lacina served up the lutefisk. Submitted photos.

Lutefisk Supper in Glendorado draws a large crowd

Two hundred and eighty-three people were served at the annual Scandinavian meal in Glendorado last weekend. The smorgasbord included lutefisk, ham, meatballs, potatoes, rutabagas, vegetables, coleslaw, cranberries, lefse and pie Saturday, November 19th at Glendorado Lutheran Church.