Saturday, December 9th, 2023 Church Directory

Dear City Of Clear Lake Residents:

You may have heard or read about the newest invasive pest to threaten Minnesota’s trees: the emerald ash borer.  

Millions of trees have already been lost in 13 of the 20 northeastern US states, and the insect has been found in southeastern Minnesota communities.
Over the course of the next four months, Clear Lake will be involved in a unique project that will document the types, sizes and condition of trees in boulevards, parks, schools, businesses and residential properties. Five other Sherburne County communities completed similar projects during the summer of 2013.  Last summer, more than 50 volunteers stepped up to help their communities take this important step in urban tree care. The inventory will include identifying, measuring and documenting every tree in the City on both public and private property and will be conducted by trained community volunteers.  Clear Lake will have several volunteer inventory leaders who will be working with other volunteers to document the character of our City’s trees, in particular the number of ash trees.
Volunteers conducting the inventory will be wearing “Community Tree Inventory Team” safety vests, and will have a clearly visible photo identification badge. The inventorying of trees on private property will only take a few minutes and will be conducted with respect to your property and privacy: counting, measuring and identifying the trees. In addition, the information collected from residential properties is completely anonymous. Volunteers will announce their presence when entering your property and if you are not at home, a door hanger will be left to note their visit. Inventorying of the trees will begin in May.
If you do not want the volunteers to enter your property (yard only) for any reason, please call Gina Hugo at 763-241-1170 ext. 101 or email at and state your request and address.  Your name is not necessary. Your reason is not necessary. 
Respectfully yours,
Dustin Luhning
Public Works Director
City of Clear Lake