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Daisy Kent in the final 6

Monday’s The Bachelor featured a very emotional Joey Graziadei, who  opened up to cameras and contestants about the fears and insecurities he felt were holding him back from fully investing in the process. He finally sent a contestant home ahead of a rose ceremony (not Daisy), he felt sick during a one-on-one date (not Daisy), and he said an emotional goodbye to one of his strongest connections (not Daisy) when she self-eliminated over differing priorities.

Joey’s fear is that he’ll end up alone at the end of his journey.

During Monday’s show, Daisy coaxed a foot massage from Joey and a video online showed Daisy’s parents watching the show and reacting with laughter as dad Brandon was massaging wife Julie’s feet at that exact moment.

All-in-all, as the show neared  its weekly end, Jess,  Lexi, Lea and Katelyn went home and six now remain (Jenn Tran, Kelsey Anderson, Kelsey Toussant, Maria Georgas, and Rachel Nance) — including Becker’s own Daisy Kent!