Tuesday, January 25th, 2022 Church Directory
Age group 0-5, Calla Brum (left) of Clear Lake (age 4) • Age group 6-10, Norah Knowlan (right) of Becker (age 7) • Age group 11-15, Kylar Graning (left) of Becker (age 12)


We had over 50 coloring contest submissions from all over our readership areas! Staff at Sherburne Bank voted for the best artwork — the task was arduous since there were many that qualified for MASTERPIECES!

Contest winners can stop by Sherburne State Bank next week to claim your prize of a $15 gift certificate to Subway. THANK YOU ALL FOR ENTERING!

(Hang on to those crayons as Sherburne State Bank is sponsoring another coloring contest for Christmas in the Dec. 18th edition of the Patriot!)