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CMHFH hires new executive director

(Editor’s Note: The following article was submitted by Habitat for Humanity.)

Central Minnesota Habitat for Humanity (CMHFH), is happy to announce the appointment of Chad Bouley as the new Executive Director. Chad comes to the area as the former Chief Real Estate Officer of Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity located in Mpls/ St. Paul, whose tenure there began in 2003. It is anticipated Bouley will bring new excitement and years of creative innovation to grow the number of people served in the four county Central MN area. 

“I’m so excited to get started and have ideas for growth short term and long term. As important however, is to meet people we have served, community leaders, faith leaders, donors, and educators for advice and feedback. This will be a team effort,” says Chad Bouley.  

As Todd Zaun, Board Chairman for CMHFH, expresses, “We, the Board of Directors, are very excited to get Mr. Bouley. Beyond his breadth of knowledge and experiences in affordable homeownership, it’s clear he brings a servant leadership style that resembles the community he will serve.”  

Bouley is known as a volunteer and community advocate. He and his wife Lynda continue to raise their seven children in the local Zimmerman community, where they volunteer their time in a plethora of youth sports, and their church. 

“With seven kids, I’ve spent a lot of years coaching youth sports. Football alone since 2011, including three years coaching on the Zimmerman High School varsity team. With very active children, the answer is yes, my wife and I get tired, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.” Bouley says with a smile.  

As mentioned, Bouley has both short term and long-term strategies. Short term Bouley will work on developing existing and new relationships. It’s expected these relationships will foster an enthusiasm for volunteerism and financial support. Further, feedback from these constituents will help direct the organization’s focus and vision. Based on this short-term work, longer range strategies will be developed. Areas Bouley already envisions to evaluate include, but are not limited to, home preservation and aging in place work, mortgage financing and structure, fundraising strategies, expanding governmental financial support, outreach to communities currently underserved, retail outlet(s), and global work. 

Central Minnesota Habitat for Humanity is the largest nonprofit affordable homeownership developer in the Central MN area serving people in the 30%-60% average median income (AMI) range. Those who wish to support Central MN Habitat for Humanity during this transformational time can do so by visiting