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AUTHOR PAUL NEUSTROM and his wife Cherise on their wedding day. (Submitted Photo)

Clearwater author’s new book ranks #1

Clearwater resident Paul Neustrom’s new book, Death of a Yellow Page Salesman: From Lost to Found – Filled to Overflowing, took seven years to write, but only days to become ranked in Amazon’s top 10 in 22 categories in four countries.

Neustrom worked in print sales for over 40 years, mostly for yellow page directories, before Google effectively destroyed his career. He felt lost, wondering what he was going to do with his life.

Believing he had nothing left to give except to God, he sold everything he had and joined a monastery. He spent nearly two years there before leaving, during which he helped start 10 new Christian churches, spent time in Africa doing mission work, and helped start several men’s monasteries.

The inspiration for Death of a Yellow Page Salesman came to him in 2015 while he was in the Holy Lands visiting the spot where Jesus met the woman from the well, the Biblical story told in the book of John. There three words came to him, ‘filled to overflowing.’

The book, which is part marketing, part sales, and part motivational, covers three themes, Lost to Found, Empty to Full, and Filled to Overflowing, which echo Neustrom’s life. It’s comprised of stories and principles from throughout his career that he found worked.

One story describes a time he was working for a radio station and called on a bus company that had previously been unsuccessful using radio advertising. Neustrom devised the idea to spoof the hit Queen song, “Another One Bites the Dust” with “Another One Rides the Bus.” It was an incredible success, and the message to take out of it is to focus on getting one central message across, even in your personal life.

Working through Best Seller Publishing, he did a launch of the book on October 31 which, because of the title, he felt was appropriate. By the end of the week it ranked in Amazon’s top 10 in 22 categories, including #1 in 10 of them, and it was #1 in the U.S., Germany, Canada, and Australia. The publisher stated the results were “unheard of.”

The glowing reviews have been wide ranged, from readers saying they received spiritual inspiration to readers talking about its key business tactics.

“It’s been a rewarding process but absolutely the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life,” said Neustrom. “I put myself out there, making myself vulnerable.”

This isn’t Neustrom’s first experience with publishing success. He’s also featured in another #1 bestselling book on Amazon called Coaching Inc with lead author Ray Brehm. Brehm told Neustrom his chapter, called TOPGUN Coaching, was his favorite chapter in the book. 

Neustrom believes part of his drive and determination came from his competitive career in gymnastics, where he was a five time state champion in high school and a member of the #1 ranked collegiate team in the nation while he attended the University of Nebraska. 

Another story in the book is called “The Blind Helps the Lost to See,” which talks about how he met his wife Cherise, who is blind, in 2019. Today they enjoy traveling in their RV, last year going out on tour and offering to pray for people. The couple live in Clearwater Estates and attend Living Waters Church in Clear Lake, where Cherise is worship leader.

Along with writing and traveling, Neustrom also has his own podcast, called Killing It Online, where he discusses principles in marketing and in life. He also offers coaching and consulting services.

Neustrom will be at Rebecca’s Cafe in Becker on Tuesday, Nov. 29 from 4 to 6 p.m. signing his book, Death of a Yellow Page Salesman. For more information on him, his books, and his podcast, visit