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WILLOW BAKER, fourth grader at Clearview Elementary School, dresses as a lineworker. (Submitted Photo).
ELETRIFYING LESSON. Fourth graders at Clearview Elementary School react to an electric arc on the safety display table. (Submitted Photo).
Corban Dacosta, fourth grader at Clearview Elementary School, dresses as a lineworker while being assisted by Stearns Electric lineman, Levi Jessen. (Submitted Photo).

Clearview students learn about electricity

Employees from Stearns Electric Association recently visited fourth graders from Clearwater Elementary School to provide interactive presentations on energy efficiency and electrical safety.

Throughout the one-hour sessions, students learned about the different types of electricity, conductors and insulators, and sources of energy. Students also participated in an all-class knowledge check and provided ideas on how they can conserve more energy at home.

Stearns Electric’s live, energized home and farm model was the highlight of the presentation. Used as a tool to show students what can happen when they get too close to electrical equipment, students were fascinated with the electrical sparks and arc flashes demonstrated on the model.

The most important piece of knowledge students walked away with was information on how to react in a vehicle accident involving any electrical equipment. As the fourth grade students can tell you, you should always stay in your vehicle if it hits a power pole, unless your vehicle is on fire. If your vehicle is on fire near a power pole, you should jump out of your vehicle, keeping your feet together, and shuffle as far away from the accident as you can.

Following the live demonstration, one lucky student from each presentation was selected to dress up as a lineworker. Donning a hard hat, rubber gloves, pole climbers, safety glasses and a utility belt, these students got to experience the real-life equipment line workers use on a daily basis. 

As part of Stearns Electric’s commitment to safety and community, the Cooperative presents an annual one-hour energy efficiency and safety demonstration to fourth grade classrooms throughout its service territory. For more information on these presentations, visit www.StearnsElectric.org.