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GOTTA DANCE. Clearview kindergarteners danced to "Mueve el Ombligo'" Wednesday afternoon at the school's annual talent show.
CLEARVIEW'S GOT TALENT. First-grader Elizabeth W. opened the annual Clearview Elementary School talent show with a spirited rendition of the "Baby Beluga" song Wednesday afternoon.
AT THE KEYBOARD. Amado S. played "Whispering Leaves" during the Clearview Elementary School talent show Wednesday afternoon.
ROCKING. Kindergarteners Lauren G. and Georgia S. lit up the stage with their rendition of "Just Like a Rock Star" at the Clearview talent show Wednesday.
PLAYING OUR SONG. Second-grader Hazel S. played "This Land is Your Land" at the Clearview Elementary School talent show Wednesday.

Clearview Hosts A “Really Big Show”

More than 30 individual and group acts took the stage at Clearview Elementary School Wednesday afternoon for the annual Talent Show presentation.  Performances included group and solo songs, piano recitals, gymnastics, hula hoop artistes, martial arts and group dance numbers, all performed before a capacity audience in the school gymnasium.

Student Council officers served as emcees for the event, including President Alexis H., VP Faith M., Treasurer Abby S. and Secretary Noelle B.  Stand-up comedians Madelyn L. and Alex J. provided the snappy patter between acts, with the officer core handling the introductions for each performer.
The program got off to a fine start with first-grader Elizabeth W.’s rendition of the “Baby Beluga” song, followed by a splashy number from the red-clad kindergarten students in Profesora Bonyin’s class, dancing to “Mueve el Ombligo”, or “Move the Belly Button!
Second-graders proved adept at the keyboard, with Amado S. playing “Whispering Leaves” and Hazel S. rendering “This Land is Your Land”.
Glittering kindergarteners Lauren G. and Georgia S. rocked the house with a spirited dance rendition of “Just Like a Rock Star”.
Other memorable titles included a dance number called “Feet Don’t Fail Me Now” by Claire Q., “Mongolian Night Song” with hula hoop by Haley S. and “The Awesome Dancing Skit” featuring Justin D., Isaac E. and Mason S.