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Clear Lake Township

With a light agenda, the Clear Lake Twp. Board discussed parks and trails, roads, old and new business and the future of a history book at Tuesday’s monthly meeting.

History Book
Clear Lake Supervisor Bud Stimmler reported he welcomed 11 interested partners to help put together a Clear Lake Twp. history book over the next few years.
A meeting was held April 7 in which nearly a dozen people showed up with interest in the project. The developers of the book have been looking for individuals who would want to be part of a committee to “construct” the township’s history — piece by piece — all the way back to the early settlers, the trading posts, the stagecoaches, the businesses — to the present day.
Members of the committee would be tasked to gather artifacts, meet and interview some of the elderly of the community, gather and share information and do research to assemble the best collection of historical facts to be included in the book.
The goal of the book is not only to preserve the rich, inherent history of Clear Lake, but to make connections from yesteryear to modern day through the photos and stories and depict the heritage of the area in printed form.
The group of 11 volunteers discussed how to proceed at the April 7 meeting.  They understood it will be a slow process as they get organized and decide on who will be doing each task.
Parks and Trails
Stimmler said he has checked on the park the last few days and everything was looked good.  Stimmler has 20 Norway trees that will be arriving soon and will be in need of planting this Spring.  
Creating a memory garden was discussed at the meeting and Stimmler will check into possibly acquiring a plaque, sign or a boulder with the names of previous board members engraved on it.  Stimmler had a plan to put in a garden, approximately 20’ by 6’ wide to the right of the Jack Gallagher bench that he put in last year.  Stimmler would also like to plant flowers in the garden to bring color into the area.
Road Report
Engineer Terrance VanderEyk discussed the seal coat bids for 70th Avenue, White Farm Estates and River Rose Retreat.  Asphalt Surface Technologies came in at the lowest bid and was awarded the contract.
New Business
The supervisors discussed a letter that the township received from the county referring to a turnback of Co. Rd. 56.  
The supervisors all agreed that the township has accepted enough county roads turned back in the past and do not want any more roads turned back.  They will discuss this with the township attorney and the county before any changes occur.
Dan Merchant discussed the 2013 Briggs Lake chain water quality.  He and area helpers are continuing to work on improving lake quality.
Sheriff’s Report
Deputy Bob Stangler reported on the month of March and said there were 88 incidents reported, 53 of which were traffic stops, nine public assists, three snowmobile complaints and four motor vehicle accidents.
The next Clear Lake Twp. board meeting is May 20 at 7 p.m.