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FOUR NEW POLICE OFFICERS were sworn into the Becker Police Department recently. From left to right: Officer Derek Jacobson, Officer Caleb Hansen, Officer Shawnee Mielke and Officer Grant Jansons. (Photo taken from Becker Police Department’s Facebook page.)

BPD welcomes new officers

Four Becker Police officers were sworn in at city hall last month. The ceremony was originally scheduled to take place last spring, but was pushed back due to COVID-19.

The officers sworn-in are, Derek Jacobson, Caleb Hansen, Shawnee Mielke and Grant Jansons.

“Despite waiting until now,” The BPD  stated on their Facebook page, “We are happy to have all of them as part of our team and welcome them aboard.  Congratulations to all!”

The new officers received their badges and read aloud their oaths in the presence of city council and the city clerk.