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Board hires construction manager for the new justice center

As Stearns County continues to move forward with plans to build a new justice center, the Stearns County Board of Commissioners approved the hiring of a construction manager. The Board voted to hire Kraus-Anderson to oversee the project construction.

As the construction manager, Kraus-Anderson will coordinate and oversee the project from conception to completion, being on location and in charge of the construction site, assisting in selecting construction vendors, creating contracts, running cost estimates, tracking invoices and spending, running the on-site safety program, and assuring regulations are followed. The first task will be to give cost estimates for each of the two possible locations for the new justice center – downtown and a new off-site location.

Kraus-Anderson has experience working with counties in Minnesota. They’ve managed 25 county court projects, constructed 1,750+ jail beds, and managed construction projects with 56% of MN Counties.