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Board approves broadband grants

After 15-minute discussion last Tuesday, the Sherburne County Board Tuesday approved three grant applications by Arvig for broadband projects in Haven Twp., Clear Lake Twp. and Elk River.

Arvig has requested to partner with Sherburne County on 2022 State of MN Border to Border Broadband program applications. 

The grants are $666,406 for the Haven Twp. project, $192,477 in Clear Lake Twp. and $217,060.50 in Elk River. The board passed a resolution of commitment of 30% contribution for each project. Should Arvig be awarded any of the grants by the state, the county’s contribution (using ARPA funds) would be $499,804.50 for Haven Twp., $144,357.75 for Clear Lake Twp. and $162,795.38 for Elk River.

The projects would serve a total of 254 homes for the three projects combined.

The board tabled its decision on proposed broadband projects in Santiago Twp. and Becker Twp. until August. 

The board also approved nine more ARPA-funded grant agreements under the Community Resource Non-Profit Investment Grant program. They are: Passing the Bread - $19,719;  Elk River School District - $81,492; Big Lake School District - $96,000; YMCA - $20,000; Big Lake Community Food Shelf - $30,000;  Rivers of Hope - $45,000; Great River Faith in Action - $20,000; CAER - $15,000 and Open Doors for Youth - $35,000.

EV Charging Station

The board approved a $40,000 grant from the Initiative Foundation to install an electric vehicle charging station in Becker, with the county serving as the fiscal agent.

The station will be installed in the Becker High School parking lot. The total cost of the project is $110,000 and Xcel will be contributing the remaining $70,000 as part of their Public Charging EV Service Pilot. All ongoing electrical costs will be covered by the Becker School District.

Extension Staff

The board approved an amended three-year memorandum of understanding with the University of MN to facilitate the funding of the Extension Ag Educator and summer program intern positions. For the Ag Educator, the county will pay $51,000 in 2022, $52,148 in 2023 and $53,451 in 2024. County funding for the interns based on 480 hours will be $7,200 in 2022, $73,363.20 in 2023 and $7,545.60 in 2024.

Last December, the county approved using ARPA funds for the Ag Educator position.

Liquor Licenses

The board approved the following liquor license renewals, with two applications pending receipt of signatures: Finish Line Restaurant; Fairway Shores; Bar 10 (awaiting application & signatures); Briggs Lake Liquor; Sand Dunes Spirits; Bailey Ray’s; Palmer House; KJ’s Refuge Bar & Grill (awaiting attorney signature) and Ridgewood Bay Resort.

Canvass Board

The board selected Commissioners Felix Schmiesing and Lisa Fobbe to serve on the county’s canvass board for the primary and general elections later this year. Commissioner Tim Dolan is the alternate.

Road Projects

The board awarded the contract for the reconstruction of Co. Rd. 33 from Co. Rd. 13 to the east county line to low bidder Helmin Construction. Helmin bid $735,924.38. Other bidders were:  Forest Lake Contracting $753,624.00; OMG Midwest Inc, dba Minnesota Paving & Materials  $801,080.60; Meyer Contracting Inc. $819,419.35; Midwest Contracting LLC $839,651.87; US SiteWork Inc. $859,071.40; New Look Contracting Inc. $870,499.50;  Park Construction Co. $883,215.40; Ramsey Companies $1,102,038.03. The Engineer’s Estimate was $672,127.45.

The board awarded the contract for mumble strips and STOP sign enhancements on various county roads to Allstates Pavement and Recycling Stabilization at $49,987.79. The one other bidder was Surface Preparation Technologies, LLC at $57,765.20.

Other Business

In other actions, the board:

• Amended the Children’s Mental Health Respite Grant from DHS to extend the grant to Dec. 31, 2022 and add $10,301 to bring the total to $62,023;

• Approved an agreement with Language Line to upgrade the HHS phone system to add language options for Somali, Spanish and Russian at a cost of $1,644.44;

•  Approved a request from Big Lake Twp. for $15,300 in park dedication funds to install a 1,400-foot, eight-foot wide crushed granite trail in Big Laker Township’s Park;

• Approved a request from Clear Lake Twp. for $3,750 in park dedication funds for 10 acres of native prairie planting in Clear Lake Twp. Park. off 80th Ave.;

• Approved the acquisition of property on Co. Rd. 43 for the 2023 road reconstruction project. The budgeted amount for acquisition, temporary easements, appraisals and right-of-way damage expense is $86,500; 

•  Approved an interim use permit (IUP) for Rebekah and Jeremy Schneiderman for a small engine repair shop in an existing  30’ x 48’ accessory building on 6.05 acres on 233rd Ave. in Orrock Twp.;

• Approved the residential final standard plat of Suburban Ridge, consisting of eight lots on 28.85 acres at 144th Street NW and Co. Rd. 9 in Baldwin Twp.

• Approved an IUP for Jason Albertine for motorcycle tuning, CNC artwork and signs in an accessory building on 17.47 acres on 184th St. NW in Orrock Twp.;

• Approved an IUP for Knife River Corp. for a gravel mine on 134.8 acres on 55th Ave. SE in Haven Twp. Under the agreement, no more than 26 acres can be open at any time;

• Proclaimed the week of July 17-23 as Sherburne County Pretrial, Probation and Parole Supervision Week.