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Food Shelf Director Sandy McClurg and board member Eric Johnson welcomed visitors at the Big Lake Food Shelf open house. (Photo by Katherine Cantin.)

Big Lake Food Shelf holds open house

Tuesday, the Big Lake Food Shelf held their open house event after their remodel this past spring. The remodel turned the old storage space at city hall into a nice area where food shelf clients can “shop” for the items they need. Since the remodel, things have been going well and the food shelf is able to serve Big Lake residents more effectively than they ever have before. 

“We’ve been getting to know our clients better,” said Kathy Meyer, a member on the Food Shelf Board of Directors. 

In the past, food was packed for clients without knowing which items would be useful, which items the clients liked or disliked, and which items wouldn’t be used. Now, clients can come inside and pick out any items they need, and Meyer said this has lead to the food shelf giving away more food than before. 

Director Sandy McClurg reported that 416,000 lbs of food have been given way from January through August this year. She also noted there has been an increase in new clients at the food shelf, those who have never used a food shelf before. McClurg said she understands why so many people are turning to the food shelf for help feeding their families, as she has a sense of sticker shock every time she shops for her own groceries. 

Fortunately, with the remodel and the new walk-in fridge/freezer, the food shelf is able to safely store more food and offer better service to Big Lake families in need.