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Becker Twp. to take over permitting, inspections and zoning reviews

The Becker Town Board met Monday evening and took action to assume control of zoning review and the issuance of building permits within the Township.

For several years, the City of Becker had issued permits on behalf of the township and also performed the planning and zoning reviews.

Recently, the city decided to hire its own building inspector and as part of that process had offered the township two options: the township could appoint the city building official, Mark Lucht, to perform the same duties or they could contract on their own for those services with an outside agency (currently Metro West).  Both options assumed the city would continue to review the permits for planning and zoning under the current agreement.

The Township Supervisors adopted a resolution, however, that not only reflected their desire to take over the issuance of permits and inspections, but would also task the township with doing their own planning and zoning reviews.

One of the issues brought forward by the township is that the city official does not have the licensure for septic system review and inspection, something that would have to be contracted to an outside agency should the city continue its work in the current model.

While the township signaled its intent to take over its own planning and zoning services, they did note that activities of the Joint Planning Board would continue.

City of Becker Community Development Director Jacob Sanders responded to the township’s resolution by suggesting that this action would necessitate a conversation in the future to review all of the cooperative planning and zoning processes currently shared by the two entities, including those of the Joint Planning Board.

With the resolution, the township triggered a 30 day “out-clause” meaning that starting later next month, township residents would go to the Town Hall to seek their permits.

Fire Hall

The board also took action to approve a purchase price of $15,001 for the Old Fire Hall, the current home to the Becker American Legion. The price of the building and land was $1, while the township agreed to pay the city $15,000 for a triangular piece of property behind the Town Hall (current parking area) that has the access to Second Street.  Current plans call for the Legion to continue to operate out of the building.

In Other Business, the Board:

• Heard from Sgt. Dan Frank regarding last month’s 119 calls for service, including 45 traffic stops;

• Referred a variance request from resident Aaron Jurek back to Planning and Zoning for additional options;

• Heard from Engineer Wes Davis that the 97th St. project is moving forward with bids expected to be let in May;

• Received report from Davis that the annual cost of assuming township control of Co. Rd. 93 would be $2,000 for maintenance costs (not including mowing and plowing), while capital expenditures for the eventual re-construction of the road could equal approximately $10,000 a year.

The board will meet next for the Local Board of Appeal and Equalization on April 11 at 6 p.m.