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PRIMARY VICTORY. Students at the Becker Primary School logged a total of 61,382 minutes in the 2014 Read-A-Thon, and generated $3,474.12 in pledges, according to Becker PTSA President Ann Olson. The total number of minutes read for all four Becker schools was 181,958, with total pledges reaching $5,158.32
READ-A-THON PRIZES. The top three Read-A-Thon prize winners from the Becker Primary School were second-grader Lucy Pink, first-grader Jack Leff and kindergartener Noah Whitlock.

Becker Read A Thon Winners Named

Nearly 190,000 minutes were read by students in the 2014 Read-A-Thon in the Becker School District in February, according to Becker PTSA President Ann Olson, and more than $5,000 in pledges were raised due to that effort.

The Becker Primary School logged a total of 61,382 minutes read, and brought in $3,474.123 in pledges, with the Intermediate School reporting 64,468 minutes read and $1,438.10 in pledges. The Middle School listed 22,693 minutes read and $246.10 in pledges, and the High School posted 33,415 minutes read and no pledges, Olson said.
Top readers by school were:  Primary School: Noah Whitlock, Jack Leff and Lucy Pink.  Intermediate School: Justine Vilmo, Ben DuMonceaux and Isabella Schermer.  Middle School: Adrian Johnson, Jamison Ulbrich, Abigail Sarazin, Gabe Lindblom, Bella Watts and Clint Cuthbertson.  High School: Brandon Pearce, Judea DeMars, Hayden Gay and Tima Guchikov.
Prizes included gift cards, movie tickets, Airmaxx passes, meals, and a girl’s and boy’s bike, among others.  Sponsors included the Sherburne State Bank, Becker True Value hardware, Becker Pizza Depot, Top Ten Class Pizza Parties, Mueller Movie Theatres, Country Lumber (bikes), Godfathers Pizza, AirMaxx, Hunter’s Ridge, All Star Embroidery, McDonald’s of Becker and Culvers.