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Becker City Council readies itself for Freedom Days

Despite ominous storm clouds in the air, Mayor Bertram and the members of the Becker City Council concluded all their business on Tuesday, June 6, in short order.

Freedom Days

Mayor Betram proclaimed June 9-15, 2024 as Freedom Days in Becker, Minnesota.  In the proclamation she urged all citizens to get involved and to participate in the many events and activities planned that celebrate our freedom.  The proclamation also stated that one of the many purposes of Freedom Days is for Becker residents to enjoy the camaraderie and sense of community that is developed during the Freedom Days celebration. 

Josh Kuha, Recreation & Leisure Assistant Director for Parks and Recreation, stood before the council to propose a resolution to suspend certain prohibitions and City Code requirements to ensure the success of Freedom Days.  The areas include promotional signage, a parade, golf cart usage, private vendor sales on City streets and sidewalks, and consumption of alcohol within the festival area lasting for the duration of Freedom Days.  The council voted and the resolution was passed. 

Sherburne County CET Grant Application

Greg Lerud, Becker City Administrator, submitted a resolution to the council and received passage of that resolution to support Sherburne County’s grant application from Minnesota’s Community Energy Transition Grant Program.  The CET grant provides up to $1 million to communities where an electric generating plant is scheduled to cease operations.  The grant program awards funds for many different projects, among them is “capital costs of public infrastructure necessary for economic development, and impact studies and other planning activities”.  

Sherburne County has submitted a grant application to help pay for a Tier I study for a new Mississippi River bridge crossing.

Anniversary Announcements

Mayor Bertram recognized anniversaries for city staff – Natalie Chaffin (three years), Tristan Mellow (two years), Cyle Winkelman (two years), Kailey Sindt (three years), and Brett Knudsen (three years).