Saturday, April 1st, 2023 Church Directory

2024 levies approved during Clearwater and Lynden Twp’s annual meetings

South of the Mississippi River, large crowds attended both Clearwater and Lynden Twp’s annual meetings. 

In Clearwater Twp., Cassie Kenning was nominated and accepted the position of meeting moderator.

The treasurer’s report revealed total revenue received in 2022 to be $372,069 and total expenditures of $339,956.

Fire Chief Mike Keller presented a review and update of the Clearwater Fire Dept. He indicated the department had a record breaking 373 calls in 2022, of which 91 were in Clearwater Twp. The calls consisted of 250 medical, 40 motor vehicle, and 11 fire, among others. Over a five-year period, 26.3% of the calls were in Clearwater Twp., 23.2% were in Lynden Twp., and 50.5% were in the City of Clearwater.

Clearwater Twp’s estimated share of the fire budget is $99,940 for 2023 with a possible increase of 5 to 10% for 2024. 

Keller informed residents fundraising activities had raised $90,000 for the fire department’s badly needed SCBAs (self-contained breathing apparatus) and thanked everyone involved in helping to pay for the gear, including the Clearwater Lions and Clearwater Legion.

The township’s planned road and bridge expenses for 2023/2024 include the possible projects of Huber Ave. at 150th Street in-slope upgrade and Grover and 155th toward the bridge. 

Possible chip seal projects include 148th Street from Hwy 24 east to Huber and north to connect to current chip seal, north Huber, 140th, Ireland Ave. to continue to current chip seal on 125th Street, Greer Ave., north end of Sugar Lake, and Iten Circle just off Co. Rd. 40.

There was no increase to levies for 2024, which include town revenue at $85,000, road and bridge at $330,000, and fire at $105,000, for a total of $520,000. All were unanimously approved.

Questions and opinions on the possible road projects were brought forward, all of which will be discussed at the township’s next meeting in April.

Over in Lynden Twp., Jeff Westrum was nominated and accepted the position of meeting moderator.

After the treasurer’s report was presented and approved, representatives from the Annandale Fire Dept. presented a review of their department. A total of 334 calls were received in 2022, including 12 from Lynden Twp. which consisted of seven medical, one smoke detector, and four canceled en-route. They indicated their annual budget had stayed consistent with last year and is projected to be the same next year as well.

Fire Chief Mike Keller presented the same review and update of the Clearwater Fire Dept. that he had given at the Clearwater Twp. annual meeting earlier in the evening. He added that the department’s average response time for the City of Clearwater was 7 minutes 31 seconds, 9 minutes 34 seconds for Clearwater Twp., and for Lynden Twp. 10 minutes 7 seconds.

Supervisor Dennis Niemi gave the township’s 2022 road report, after which Supervisor Dave Johnson provided township information and projects in progress, including the addition of eight emergency sirens throughout the township, a dry hydrant off Long Lake, the application of a DNR grant to upgrade Eaglewood to the public water access, and the purchase of additional land for township use.

The proposed 2024 levy was approved at $658,323, an increase over last year.

The meeting concluded with the results of the township’s election for treasurer and one supervisor position; no one had filed to run against either incumbent. Treasurer Jean Schermer was reelected to her position with all 85 votes. In an unexpected outcome, write-in candidate Scott O’Koneck beat incumbent Supervisor Dave Johnson 55 to 32.