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SURVIVORS. The 2013 Becker Relay for Life® Honorary Survivors, above, were Lu Schuette, left, and Alice Cowley.
MARCHING ON. The Becker High School Marching Bulldogs are a fixture at the annual Freedom Days parade.
LAUGHING WOLF. Puppeteer Diane Gasch, above, shared a laugh with the children at the Becker Public Library after she performed her "Big bad Wolf's Mother" show. Gasch does the show from inside the massive puppet, which measures 14-feet in height.
ROYAL TREATMENT. The royalty of Palmer Day 2013, King Andy and Queen Connie Kraemer.

2013 Highlights Of The Year

Something old and something new was again the case in 2013, with new arrivals coming on the scene and familiar faces signing off over the course of the year.

One notable, though not 100 per cent, absence is the retirement of Gail Wilkinson as the Branch manager at the Becker Public Library.  While she is no longer involved in the management of the facility, she is still a contributor to the program, taking part in the Tuesday morning reading program on a regular basis.
The library has hosted a number of music, magic, art and reading programs for youngsters over the past year, with the most spectacular having to be the appearance of the Big Bad Wolf’s mother, which was represented by puppeteer Diane Gasch and a 14-foot tall wolf puppet.
The annual Freedom Days celebration was a big success, with the rain again holding off until long after the parade was completed.  Appearing in the parade this year were the Becker High School Marching Bulldogs and the BHS robotics team.
The annual Becker Relay for Life® benefit for the American Cancer Society had to change locations this year due to the construction project on the Becker campus.  Rather than the infield on the running track, the program set up shop in the parking lot at the Becker Middle School instead.  The 2013 Honorary Survivors were Lu Schuette and Alice Cowley.
Haven Supervisor Kathleen Sims-Kosloski was named one of five recipients of the Horace Mann Award for educational excellence in the nation.  She will travel to Washington, D.C. in February for the awards presentation gala.  She is a teacher in the Foley School District.
Renovations on the Haven Town Hall building are close to completion at the moment.  A new sign is being considered for the exterior of the building, with action expected in the spring.
The town board recently approved regulations for feedlots located in the Orderly Annexation Area the township shares with the City of St. Cloud.  Other areas of the township are governed by state feedlot regulations.
The annual Palmer Day celebration was a great success, with the required rain-free parade, an ever-growing number of entries in the annual car show, and a large crowd taking advantage of the games, entertainment and food available in Palmer Park throughout the day.
Palmer Township is still awaiting a result in a legal controversy regarding a decision by the Sherburne County Board of Adjustment to grant five variance requests on a 1.85-acre property on 42nd St.  The Sherburne County Board and the MnDNR had also been involved in attempting to appeal the decision, and a final decision in the case has yet to be reached, according to Palmer Township attorney David Meyers.
A number of repairs are still required to the concession stand and grandstand area at the Santiago Town Park.  A powerful wind storm in June resulted in significant damage to the structures and the light poles, horseshoe pits and signage on the ball field fence in the park. 
The Santiago Town Board is currently working with the Santiago Lion’s Club and the insurance company to determine replacement needs in the park when work can begin again in the spring.
The Santiago Town Hall hosted a very congenial reception on the day when Citizen staffer Mary Erickson became Mrs. Mary Nehring.