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Our Townships A Slice Of Americana

(Very few) residents are expected to make their way to area township elections and annual meetings Tuesday.

That’s the way it’s been - and we expected it won’t change in 2014.
But parents, if you and your teenage kids have a night free, why not plan to attend your township annual meeting - just for the experience.
You will watch the residents and board set their annual budget and talk about special projects for the coming year.
The meetings, all of which start at 8 p.m., will likely last an hour or so. And, you will learn a lot.
A couple of questions to ask: “What will be your road projects for 2014 and what goes into your road and bridge fund?”
Or, “What qualities should a candidate for a township supervisor position have?”
Or, “What are the terms of your contract for fire protection with your nearby fire department?”
  A big issue just emerging at Palmer Twp. is a proposal for another level of government (and taxation) to provide funds for environmental issues with the Briggs Lake Chain of Lakes.
That could be a hot one, affecting owners of about 650 properties within the proposed taxation district.
Promoters of the extra district have said they don’t get the funds or support they need from the limited few, so spreading the cost load over more residents could solve the issue.
You can certainly ask some questions there.
Historically, township government hasn’t rated as much coverage as those of city friends over the years.
But at the Citizen and its sister newspapers, the West Sherburne and Clearwater Tribunes, we’ve been committed to attending meetings and reporting on their proceedings for many years.
I don’t know of any other weekly papers in the state who spend as much time with their township brethern than our papers.
At the Citizen, Staff Writers Bill Morgan and David Hannula will cover the Becker, Clear Lake, Haven, Palmer and Santiago meetings.
  At Big Lake, Staff Writer Jennifer Edwards will cover the Orrock board, while I will sit in at Big Lake.
At Clearwater, Staff Writer Ken Francis will cover the Clearwater and Lynden township meetings.
I’m proud of that fact. Important things go on at the township level. And the jobs of their officials continue to get more complex, especially with zoning and planning issues, in our fast-paced growing region.
There are usually not too many candidates for the township positions. We see it as a positive response from the citizens to the people doing the jobs - they do them well.
Townships are alive and well in Minnesota. They are referred to as Minnesota’s truest form of government.
We invite you to turn out, take part in the proceedings and learn about what goes on.
  We’ll be there, too.