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Life will Win the War

(Editor’s Note: The following column was submitted by Sen. Andrew Mathews.)

On Saturday, Jan. 28, after over 12 hours of debate on the topic, Senate Democrats passed extreme abortion legislation that protects “abortion” and “reproductive rights” with no safeguards or limitations. The seemingly short, less-than-a-page bill goes far beyond the scope of both Doe v. Gomez and Roe v. Wade.

The Senate Democrats’ extreme abortion bill disregards the sacredness of life and the humanity of the mother and child. All guardrails and protections are absent, and we are only left with a radical policy that goes too far. I did not receive a single email in support of this bill. And I have even heard from pro-choice Minnesotans that they didn’t sign up for this 

I am heartbroken by the Democrats’ passage of this extremist abortion bill. They may have won the battle. However, I know that Life will win the war. We will continue to march on so long as there is a mother we can help and a baby we can save. I will be praying extra hard for the innocent lives who will be lost by this devastating policy. 

The bill passed on party lines, 34-33. Senate Republicans offered a number of critical amendments—all of which were struck down on party-line votes, and many of which were not deemed worthy of discussion by the majority party. Key amendments that were offered include:

• Ban on third-trimester abortions; 

• Prohibition of violent Dilation and Evacuation (D&E) abortions; 

• Language that would have excluded sterilization from the umbrella of “reproductive rights”; 

• Requirement of parental notification; 

• Language that would have prevented the sterilization of minors;  

• Prohibition of abortions due to down syndrome