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Letters To The Editor


To Mr. Collier, Big Lake. It’s not hard to determine if there’s Artificial Intelligence. I looked the words up in the dictionary. Artificial: Made by man - not natural. Not genuine. Affected. Intelligence: The ability to learn, solve problems - news, information. At my age, through my travels in all my different occupations/jobs, I found no shortage of artificial intelligence. It seems there’s more than enough to go around. Just think about it!  

Gareld M. Kisner

Becker, MN 


In response to Tom Emmer, all life is precious. All people are worthy of dignity and love, peace and joy! Who can we trust? Who can we love? How about the children? How about the women? How about the men? How about everyone? Where’s mercy? When will people start sharing, start caring? When will the evil stop? When will our hearts, thoughts, actions and words be kind? When will we be aware of our actions, words, thoughts? Will it be too late? Has it already been too late? Do we give up? Where is our hope and strength? What do we really desire in our hearts? Do you know the opposite of fear, greed, lust, arrogance, etc. etc.?  Help us walk with peace. Help us give all people dignity, balance, love, harmony and joy. Yes, all life is precious. And who gets all the glory? Thank you for reading this. P.S. I feel ashamed our taxpayer money is paying for the slaughter of thousands of innocent people.

Tammy Abuayed 

(Married to a Palestinian)

Becker Twp., MN