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Letters To The Editor


“And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.”

The above is a passage recorded in the Gospel of Matthew speaking of a then, future time. I have been thinking about this verse a lot recently, as Democrats in the legislature pushed to codify an abortion agenda far more extreme than headlines suggest. I wish I were kidding. On January 27, Democrats passed an abortion law you may have read about called the PRO Act, which allegedly “codifies Roe.” In reality, the Democrat’s PRO act is much more extreme, allowing abortion up to the millisecond of birth of a fully viable baby. The Democrat’s new abortion law contains zero restrictions; zero safety protections for women, children, or babies; and zero limitations. It shocks the conscience. Most of the world has restrictions of some kind on abortion. There are only 7 countries in the world that permit abortion on demand of a fully viable child to the moment of birth, including North Korea and China. This is not the company I want our great state to keep, but Minnesota Democrats are apparently fine with it. We spent nearly 16 hours fighting the Democrat bill on the Senate Floor, with extreme Democrats rejecting every single protection we tried to offer: bans of late-term abortions, bans of partial-birth abortions, bans of sterilizations for minors, parental notification requirements for minors, and more. I’m at a loss to describe the tragedy of the Democrat abortion agenda. I’m at a loss to explain lack of love for innocent children in the womb. Hearts are apparently growing cold. I am very, very, very concerned about the future of Minnesota as callousness appears to have captured the hearts of so many. Nevertheless, I will continue in the battle for Pro Life and the truth of life in the womb.

Eric Lucero

Minnesota State Senator

District 30


January 26th the MN House passed the Blackout Bill (70-60) to eliminate ALL fossil fuel energy by 2050.  National media announced federal plans to eliminate gas ranges.  That also means propane and natural gas boilers for heat and hot water.  Windmills need wind, but we don’t need wind producing daily ground blizzards to generate electricity (Will the windmills’ lubricants function at sub-zero temps?) nor winds to dry the soil in the summer.  Do solar panels function covered by ice and snow?  How do outstate residents and farmers charge their vehicles and machinery?  In big cities? In the field? At home with individual lines for the slow charge?  After the needed rains, do the heavy batteries in electric machines allow movement over the soft soil, or does machinery become mired in mud?  We are to be good stewards of the Earth, but this bill is not designed to meet the needs of Minnesotans or others in “flyover country” where the rubes and deplorables live.  This bill will not to save the planet.  Opposition is about staying alive under severe climatic conditions.  This is about earning a living by producing materials and products for others to live.  Stop this bill now!  Protect Minnesotans! 

Dr. Phyllis E. VanBuren 

Clearwater, MN