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Sherburne County Recorder Vital Statistics Marriage Application Report For October 2022

Sherburne County Recorder

Vital Statistics Marriage Application Report

For October 2022

Samuel Robert Borchers and Shayla Marie Benson of Big Lake; Richard Allen Rudolph and Colleen Marie Hempel of Zimmerman; Emily Marie Heath and Scott Charles Peterson of Big Lake; Marissa Mala Nalin of Prior Lake and Dale Richard Hedtke of Big Lake; Shawnda Christina Anderson and Jason Ronald Ross of Elk River; Brian Joseph Dolecki and Destiny Monique Friedrichs of Foley; Rebecca Louise Johnson and Adam Lacy Hensley of Saint Cloud; Clyde James Christian of Elk River and Kelly Elizabeth Carr of Zimmerman; Brett Edward North of Elk River and Olivia Lauren Peck of Maple Grove; Paul Robert Hilgers and Deanna Marie Peterson of Big Lake; Geraldine Daniela Urizar and Jason James Torrence of Otsego; Phillip William Brown and Claudia Jo Bush of Zimmerman; James Kerkula Pewu Iii and Augusta Carolyn Lahai of Big Lake; Marc Brian Wojcik and Nicole Therese Rasmussen of Big Lake; Maxwell Joseph Johnson and Katherine Marie Freeberg of Princeton; Michael Edward Kirchoff and Alexandria Augustina Miller of Elk River; Troy William Dollansky of Elk River and Heidi Ann Vanderlinde of Young America; Nico Ray Espinoza and Hanna Justine Stuedemann of Zimmerman; Darren Michael Moeller and Ashley Nicole May of Becker; Hugo Guillermo Euribe Jr and Nathalie Abigail Fernandez of Big Lake; Trent Jeffrey Collins and Nicole Lynn Vincent of Elk River; Bradley David Paulsen and Lindsay June Johnston of Zimmerman; Trevor Joseph Berger and Courtney Arlene Rhodes of Elk River; Dacota John Derocher and Katherine Grace Stram of Big Lake; Juan Andrés Sánchez Yumbo and Jenny Alexandra Chacaguasay Pineda of Becker; Danelle Louise Poehler and Ryan William Peters of Zimmerman; Cody Robert Dellwo of Corcoran and Virginia May Pearson of Ziimmerman; Kristina Mary Kastanek and Tyler Troy Smith of Becker; Anthony Francis Her and Shalean Marie Gregor of Zimmerman; Tyler Jordan Luckett and Airrica Maria Williams of Branson, MO.