Saturday, April 13th, 2024 Church Directory


BASC Now At BCC! All Area Seniors Welcome. Senior Center Open Mon. - Fri. 5am-5pm.
Coffee Is On At 5am. 

Tues., Jan. 24: 7am: Wake-up & walk! 7:30 am: Boosted walk (BCC Gym). 9am: Cards/conversation.

Wed., Jan. 25: 10 am: Dementia Caregiver Support w/facilitator, Tami Kolbinger - Room 109.

Thurs., Jan. 26: 11am: Tech Safety Talk: “Frauds & Scams”. Joe Kaul & Police plus “Cut the Cord” - Learn to set up streaming (Sponsor: Central Community Services Program).

Becker Community Center: 


Blood Pressure available 

whenever BASC is open  

Send activity/class to Planning meeting 3rd Wed. @1pm. Next board meeting Jan. 18 from 3pm-5pm.