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Most tax rates lower in 2023

Although actual taxes due in 2023 may be higher than in 2022, tax rates across the county will be lower next year.

A report released by the Sherburne County Auditor/Treasurer’s Dept. earlier this month shows all 10 townships and five of seven cities in the county could have lower tax rates in 2023.

The biggest proposed rate drop is in the City of Big Lake, which will fall almost nine percent from 47.505% to 38.765%. The rural service district in the city (RSD) will fall from 13.821% to 9.067%. (RSDs are typically undeveloped properties in a city that are not benefitted to the same degree as other lands.)

The City of Clear Lake is next, with a proposed rate drop from 61.062% to 53.695%.

Zimmerman’s rate is expected to fall from 42.697% to 36.783%, with the RSD dropping from 14.945% to 12.873%.

Princeton’s rate continues to be the highest in the county, but  that rate will drop from 63.980% to 57.099% in 2023. The RSD in the city will also fall from 20.357% to 15.291%.

Elk River will have a lower tax rate in 2023, from 43.957% to 39.898%.

The only cities in the county with proposed increases are Becker (44.322% to 44.905%) and East St. Cloud (50.904% to 51.995%).

All 10 townships are proposing tax rate decreases for 2023.

The biggest drops will be in Blue Hill Twp. (18.083% to 12.872%) and Livonia Twp. (22.113% to 17.337%).

The remaining eight townships all have proposed decreases less than four percent. They are: Baldwin (16.590% to 12.859%), Becker (17.987% to 15.639%), Big Lake (21.592% to 20.039%), Clear Lake (15.598% to 13.479%), Haven (17.990% to 14.521%), Orrock (22.187% to 18.440%), Palmer (16.101% to 13.242%) and Santiago (16.429% to 14.027%).

Total taxes payable will also be affected by the market value of the home or business, local levies, and by other taxing districts, such as Sherburne County, fire departments and school districts.

The county’s tax rate is expected to fall from 44.080% to 38.768%.

All seven school districts that affect Sherburne County properties will also have lower tax rates in 2023. They include Foley Dist. 51 (25.378% to 22.031%), Princeton Dist. 477 (24.658% to 21.260%), Becker Dist. 726 (21.835% to 19.264%), Big Lake Dist 727 (35.401% to 29.825%), Elk River Dist. 728 (30.889% to 26.483%) and Monticello Dist. 882 (15.459% to 12.815%).

Tax notices were sent out beginning Nov. 16. They include line items for each taxing jurisdiction, tax rates and proposed 2023 taxes.