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County sending out more detailed tax notices

Sherburne County residents and business owners will notice a different look when they receive their Truth in Taxation Notices this year.

Under new state legislation passed in 2021, all tax notices must include a Supplemental Notice to be mailed out in November of this year for taxes payable in 2023. The mandated Supplemental Notice is specific to each tax parcel and must contain information from all local taxing jurisdictions.

Auditor/Treasurer Diane Arnold said the notices will now include a list of various levy and budget details for the county, city and school district the parcel is within, and the percent change in the proposed levy by jurisdiction.

In order to have the supplemental notice ready for mailing, each jurisdiction is required to submit information to the county auditor by Sept. 15. Arnold said her office has already sent out letters to all taxing districts asking for their levy information.

Arnold also said some taxpayers, those with multiple parcels, will receive multiple statements.

The notices will be mailed out between Nov. 10 and Nov. 24.

    At the request of Arnold, the board approved a budget increase of $6,487 for her department for the added cost of outsourcing the  additional work to prepare the notices.

ARPA Funding

The board approved bi-weekly expenditures of ARPA funds in the amount of $335,596.49. Of that total, $186,321.37 covers jail staffing overtime due to COVID. Another $73,806.24 is a quarterly payment for Human Resources business partner positions. Also included is $43,218.88 for security camera pole reconfiguration and $23,250 for jail touchpoint cleaning to prevent the spread of COVID.

Broadband Support

The board approved letters of support for Charter and Frontier Communications’ potential applications for DEED’s Border to Border Broadband Development Grant Program.

Charter will be applying for a grant to bring fiber to areas within Big Lake Twp., Orrock Twp. and Elk River. Frontier is considering an application for a fiber project in Clear Lake Twp. and Palmer Twp.

Building Upgrades

The board approved a budget of $105,000 to replace building automation controllers. The current automation software package was installed in 1998. The software sends and receives climate control information to and from equipment controller. Some controllers were replaced during the Government Center remodel in 2018-19. But the remainder are now about 24 years old and need replacement.

The total replacement and software upgrades are expected to be completed over the next five years at a total estimated cost of $460,000.

Road Project Bids

The board awarded road construction project contracts to Duininck, Inc. for three overlay projects: Co. Rd. 34 from Co. Rd. 13 to the east county line; Co. Rd. 53 from Co. Rd. 8 to Co. Rd. 16 and Co. Rd. 54 from Hwy. 10 to Co. Rd. 53.

Duininck’s bid was $3,608,562.47. Other bidders were: Knife River ($3,634,128.91) and OMG Midwest Inc. ($4,142,449.52). The engineer’s estimate was $3,714,004.80.

Open Forum Incident

The board for the first time had to stop a member of the public during the open forum segment of the meeting. The board interrupted speaker Teri Dickinson because of some of the language in the written statement she was reading about the First Amendment and an ongoing debate about a public meeting that had been requested but never granted regarding county election equipment.

The policy for the open forum does not allow “personal attacks of any kind against another person, commissioner or employee.”

Members of the board felt Dickinson’s remarks about a conversation she had with Commissioner Raeanne Danielowski crossed the line. Dickinson continued to speak even after her microphone was turned off and she was asked to stop. She was then escorted out of the room and the meeting continued with the regular agenda.

Later in the meeting, just before adjournment, Dickinson was allowed to return and continue her statement - minus any remarks about any one individual. She was given 90 seconds to  finish her three-minute time allotment, but was still reading when the board indicated her time was up.

Other Business

In other actions the board:

• Approved a Community Resource Non-Profit Investment Grant for Senior Community Services in the amount of $15,000;

• Proclaimed August, 2022 as Child Support Awareness Month.