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SUPERVISOR DEAN BRENTESON was once again sworn in to the Big Lake Town Board after winning his re-election campaign last fall. (Photo by Katherine Cantin.)

BL Twp. swears in Brenteson, Alfords

During the recent Big Lake Town Hall meeting, Supervisor Dean Brenteson was sworn in to office once again, after being re-elected during last fall. Supervisor Larry Alfords, who was also re-elected, was sworn in to his office prior to the meeting, as he was not available at the January 11 meeting. 


Council received a clarification on the Legacy Landscaping contract that was proposed at the last meeting. Having received clarification, the board approved the contract for plowing services. Supervisor Brenteson noted that Legacy has done a very good job for the township in the past. 

On the note of plowing, snow storms in December cost the township around $134,000 in December. Brenteson said that the township intended to keep a close eye on buildup at intersections to ensure visibility for traffic. 

Brenteson also said that the road committee hoped to soon go out for bids for summer road work. Another board member suggested that the board allow the committee to go out for bids as soon as they were ready, without needing to present the final plan before the board before doing so. (Note, the plan will still be approved by the board before engaging in a contract, this proposal was only implemented to save time and help get contracts secured more quickly.) The road committee’s rough estimate at the time was to do overlays on five miles of roads for around $700,000. 

Trimming and brushing has been put on hold due to the weather. 

Reorganizational Meeting

After regular business was concluded, the board launched right into their reorganizational meeting. Committee appointments were kept the same as the previous year. There was a slight change in town hall office hours to accommodate individuals who could not be there until later in the day. They authorized the township’s banks as First Bank Elk River, Sherburne State Bank, US Bank, PMA, and Old National Bank. The legal posting location is town hall. The legal newspapers are Patriot News and Elk River Star News. 

The board changed the gopher bounty to three dollars as opposed to two dollars, in the hopes that more trappers would pursue catching the pests. 

The board also changed the rental of the Lions Park Building to $300 per day, which they felt was a little closer in line with similar event spaces. 

In Other Business, the Board:

• Wrote a letter of support for Big Lake City Engineer Layne Otteson to apply for grants for roadwork on a shared project between the city and county;

• Heard a brief report from the Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office;

• Noted there would be a community meeting from the Northland Reliability Project at Pebble Creek in Becker, Thursday, January 26, from 11 a.m.- 1 p.m. or 4 p.m. - 6 p.m. (attendees can pick the presentation time that best suits their schedule.)