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BL Twp. discusses levy adjustments

Big Lake Twp. held a regular meeting March 8, back on schedule without any weather hindrances. During this meeting, they covered a short recap of the rescheduled meeting March 1, township roads, and levy adjustments.

Finance Report

Treasurer Ken Warneke proceeded to go through the financial report as of March 7, and what funds will look like by March 10. At this time, the board motioned to approve the financial report which led into the 2024 levy. 

Warneke proposed a 2024 town levy recommendation that was presented to the people during the town’s annual meeting March 14. The levy recommendation came in at $2,393,000, however Warneke suggested the usage of ARPA funds which would bring the total to $2,865,000. It would mean taking the ARPA expenditures of $340,000 and adding $200,000 to it to make it $540,000. The board passed the motion for the 2024 Levy recommendation.

Road Projects

The 2023 overlay sealed bids were opened at the town hall Tuesday, February 28th. The representatives that attended were Omann Contracting Companies, Inc., Duininck, Inc., OMG Midwest/Minnesota Paving & Materials, North Valley, Inc., Rum River Contracting Company, Park Construction Central, Asphalt Surface Technologies Corporation (ASTECH Corp.) and Knife River Corporation- North Central, Wes Davis- town engineer, Warneke, and Brenda Kimberly-Maas- town clerk.

The road committee staff and town engineer recommended the board accept the submitted bids and award the 2023 overlay project to the lowest bidder. Knife River Corporation – North Central came in at the lowest bid of $653,865.35. During the meeting, the board discussed the financial costs should they need to cover any overlaying funds. A motion passed to move forward with awarding the bid.

With the Twp. roads, the awaited spring road restrictions officially started up March 10. Town Clerk, Brenda Kimberly-Maas, also brought up the possibility of going through with infrared machines to check the current road damages. Residents have also brought up the state of the roads. The infrared has the ability to cure patches and heats the area which helps with potholes among other road damage, especially with roads like 205th. 

Other Business

Big Lake Lion’s Fish Fry event has been rescheduled to March 31, due to the wonderful winter forecast that has been hanging over Minnesota. It will start at 4 p.m. and end by 7 p.m. Adult entrance is $13, 10 & under $8, cash or checks only. All proceeds will go towards Big Lake HS Scholarships. They are also collecting old eye glasses, and would greatly appreciate if guests brought these to the event.

The board heard a report from the Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office.

If the city happens to decline the purchase of the grass rig and water tender fire trucks approved at the last meeting, the township will also decline due to their partnership with the city.