Tuesday, January 25th, 2022 Church Directory
Kurt Anderson. Mike Garland, Elraine Garland, Patti Cox, Pete and Jessie Iten pictured at Lange’s Home annual Christmas party held at Pebble Creek Golf Course in Becker. (Photos by Mary Nehring.)
Gary Kulkay and Abby Knutson enjoyed the dinner provided by the Becker Lions Club. (Photo by Mary Nehring.)
Rick Wallen and Shelly Hunter Mattson enjoyed the dinner hosted by the Becker Lions. (Photo by Mary Nehring.)
BECKER LION EMMA COOK AND HER DAUGHTER NORA enjoyed the annual Becker Lions Christmas Party dinner at Pebble Creek last week. The party was hosted for the Lange’s Home residents. (Photo by Mary Nehring.)

Becker Lions host annual Christmas party for Lange’s Home residents

Local residents Jerry Cox (married to Patti Cox) and Don Garland (married to Elraine Garland) were a part of the original group/founding fathers of Becker Lions Club. Approximately forty years ago, the two men were instrumental in starting an annual tradition of hosting a Christmas party for Lange’s Home residents. The Garland and Cox children, along with the rest of the current Becker Lions members, plan to continue this tradition far into the future with a goal of blessing the nursing home residents and adding holiday cheer to their lives. 

Becker Lions drive out and pick up the residents at Lange’s Home, located south of Santiago, and treat them all to a delicious chicken dinner. Doug Watercott and St Mary’s of the Visitation Catholic Church of Becker have provided the bus transportation for the residents to the annual party for the past several years. Snake River Church musicians provided a live band and the Erickson family led a Christmas carol singalong. 

The Erickson family has had a long family tradition of singing for Lange’s Home residents, starting when they were a part of South Santiago Lutheran Church outreach led by Hazel Halvorson and Dora Nelson. The family has visited Lange’s Home almost every December since 1959 to sing Christmas carols for the residents.