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KANEE VUE posed in front of the backdrop she created for the Becker Prom. (Submitted Photo). See more photos of Becker and Big Lake’s prom on page 12.
ADELINE KENT (R) posed with her date, Eli Scheideman during an outdoor photo shoot at Municipal Park in Sauk Rapids last weekend before Becker’s prom. (Submitted Photo).
Kaitlyn Smith and Dillon Browen, Big Lake high school seniors, attended the boat prom held in Stillwater Saturday, May 7th. (Submitted Photo).
THIS GROUP OF BIG LAKERS POSED for photos during their prom session outdoors last weekend. Left to right: Autumn Grunwald, Caleb Krebs, Amelia Gardner, Spencer Lommel, Lauren Huver, Wouson Neawah, Savannah Baker and Jonah Mallberg. (Submitted Photo).
Senior Alex Hanrahan (L) posed with his date, junior Jessie Moyer (R) during photos at last weekend’s prom for Big Lake. (Submitted Photo).
Big Laker’s Jake Wesley and Cassie Howe enjoyed the boat prom last weekend. (Submitted Photo).
Gavin Swanson and Kaitlyn Uecker were all smiles as they proceeded through the grand march at Becker High School last Saturday. (Submitted Photo).
JACKSON OLMSCHEID (on ground) posed with a tee and golf ball in his mouth as his date, Stella Chard (L) pretended to tee off at Pebble Creek Golf Course prior to the Grand March at BHS. (Submitted Photo).
HARRISON KENT (R) and his date, Sophie Studer (L) of Becker H.S. had their prom pictures taken at Municipal Park in Sauk Rapids along with a few other couples. (Submitted Photo).

Becker, Big Lake host proms last weekend

Becker and Big Lake Schools held their Spring Proms this past weekend to decent weather.

Becker held their Prom last Saturday with a grand march at the High School gym at 4 p.m. The decorations and style were French themed (Ville des Lumières - City of Lights). The dance was held at Classic Hall in Annandale from 8:30 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Big Lake’s Boat prom was held in Stillwater aboard the Avalon, which is one of the largest paddlewheel boats in the midwest. It was also held on Saturday, May 7. Big Lake’s “unofficial” prom included a cruise on the St. Croix, dinner, DJ music and a dance.